The lovely Ootnic!
The Crew
Born and bred in Sydney but living in Europe for the past 8 years. Having spent several years watching sunrise from the office window the sunsets from the yacht now make it all worth it.
With a limited sailing background, Ruth thought Nick was joking about ‘sailing to Asia’ until a cold winter’s morning in November 2010 when she found herself in a boatyard in Southampton looking at yachts!
Brought up in Surrey, Nick has dreamed of owning a yacht since reading Swallows and Amazons as a boy.
Not a born linguist, Nick’s Spanish has been improving immensely whilst touring Spain, recent highlights include the rather embarrasing confusion of ‘asiento’ with ‘aseo’ resulting in “you have the best toilet in the house”.
Wally the Wombat
Whilst Wally likes to tell people he was raised in the Outback, in truth he is a Pymble boy through and through.
Wally learned to sail as a young wombat on the crossing from England. Since arriving in Oz he has climbed the social hierarchy to reach the heady heights of Commodore of Southport Yacht Club*.
* This is clearly not true, Wally is a terrible liar
Whilst technically never invited to be a member of crew, Neptune has taken it upon himself to get involved in all aspects of the trip, frequently conspiring with Ootnic and making destination and plan changes at will.
Unexpectedly, his ability to control the winds and the waves is making him a very useful crew mate.  His love of Rum and ladies of the night does, however, make him a total liability at times.