21 August 2011

So once again much time has passed since Wallys last update, but as you would expect he has not let time pass idly ... since last sending his news Wally has been a globetrotting wombat and has many new friends to count as his own.

After bidding a sad farewell to Ootnic, and leaving the happy company of his new mate Tony, Wally set off on his adventures.

First stop was Dubai, where Wally met Nicks sis, the lovely Natalie.

Just before becoming a mum, Nat was a wonderful tour guide and showed Wally the highlife (literally) ... he thought the view from her bump was amazing!

For a little wombat from the Aussie scrub it was strange to see all the famous buildings like the Atlantis Hotel and the Burj Khalifa, and Wally was ever so chuffed when Nick pointed out that he was taller than the Burj Al Arab, one of the most famous of them all ...

As he is want to do, Wally made friends with everyone he met.

Alas, it was only a quick stop in the Emirate, and before he knew it Wally was back on the plane winging his way further south, this time all the way to New Zealand.

Tim, Nici & beautiful baby Ella made a wonderful welcoming committee in Auckland, but after being taken home to the Stirrup family home, he decided it was Dexter he was especially fond of. Something about all the fur I suppose ... it seems Wally might be a searching for an adventurous travelling companion!

Next stop ... Oz - it seemed a bit silly not to drop in while he was in the neighbourhood really! Despite being on holiday, Wally was a very busy wombat while he was there though.

He was particularly keen to start preparations for his adventure on Ootnic, and, having enrolled in a sea survival course to teach him what to do in emergencies at sea, he proved himself to be a very capable student.

Wally particularly enjoyed the practical parts of the weekend, testing out his life jacket and getting the feel of a life raft.

Looking out over Manly harbour after a studious few days, Wally was very happy with his progress.

It wasnt all serious for Wally in Australia, he did manage plenty of time for socialising.

Wally loved getting back to Comber Ridge Farm where he grew up.

He was especially happy to see Luke and Em again.

He also met his cousin Connor while he was there and the four of them had great fun.

He had a wonderful time with the horses (although apparently his technique for the rising trot needs a little work) and he certainly seemed to be very keen on one in particular ... hmmm ...

There was also some time for a quick game of rugby ... Wallys maintaining a strict training regime in preparation for the World Cup later this year just in case the Wallabies need him.

Wally wasnt sure what the kids meant when they said they wanted to play Bucking Bronco, but was happy to watch on when Uncle Nick stepped in to show him how its done.

Wally made more new friends during his stay with Jane, Allan and Sandy at the Boathouse in Sanctuary Cove.

He was particularly happy to have remembered to pack his Sunday best - it was just the outfit for his visit to Southport Yacht Club ...

... where he went right ahead and made himself (perhaps a little too) comfortable!

It was during this trip that Wallys true appreciation of booze came to light ... while he had enjoyed a quiet afternoon ale with Nick and Tony from time to time onboard Ootnic back in Gibraltar, dressed up in his glad rags it all went to his head and it became clear that he shared Nicks taste for Boags and certainly wasnt shy when it came to a glass of fine wine - it was at this point we realised we were going to have to keep a bit of an eye on this naughty wombat!

After a wonderfully happy stay in Australia it was time for Wally to say goodbye and head off for one last happy stop, to meet his new little cousin Sophia Jane, in Dubai.

Wally was welcomed with great warmth into the Abreu family, and was soon fast friends with its newest member, with the pair of them giggling and swapping tales of their latest journeys in no time at all.

... he even made Nick take a photo to prove it to everyone back home.

At the end of a hard day the pair of them settled down for a snooze, both a little overwhelmed with the wonders of the world around them.

With marvellous memories of the places he had seen and the people he had met, Wally packed his case one last time, this time bound for Gibraltar and the beginning of his adventure as the worlds first water faring wombat.