Crossing to Menorca

We had a pretty bumpy trip to Menorca with the 15 knots forecast turning out to be 25 knots from just forward of the beam! Thankfully Herbie our Hydrovane steered a true course and the Ootnics averaged 6 knots per hour making it over in time to find a nice quiet spot in a beautiful bay!

North coast Menorca

A few days relaxing in a beautiful bay to recuperate after our bumpy crossing was called for! The countryside was lush and well worth an explore, as of course was the bay by snorkel!

We then headed off into the winds to head East along the coast to Mahon...

Mellow Mahon (apart from when Espana won the cup!!)

Mahon turned out to be another gorgeous city set in a wonderfully protected natural harbour. The Ootnics hung out here for some time, flew home to celebrate the twinnies’ birthday and sort out some wedding arrangements .. But best of all were the milkshakes in the centre of town! Absolutely phenomenal!!

Bike Tour

As much fun as sailing is, it can be a rather slow way to see an island! Plus Nick and Roo were missing his Honda 500cc so it was time to rent two wheels, a very Eurotrash scooter ... But hey it did 200km on 12 euros of fuel! Incredible!

There are some incredibly pretty bays on Menorca, not to mention the historic Ciutadella, a real treat and some incredible food along the way.

A quick trip back to Palma to collect our wedding rings!

Baris called a little earlier than expected to let us know our wedding rings were ready, so we left Ootnic relaxing in Mahon’s warm waters and caught a ferry to Alcudia and a bus to Palma to pick them up .. They’re lovely but you’ll have to wait until October to see them! :)