Santa Ponca

We loved every minute we spent in Santa Ponca. After the tranquillity of Espalmador we were ready for a bit of fun, and our first stop on the island of Mallorca did not disappoint.

Just 20 minutes on the bus to Palma, we were in a great spot to explore one of our favourite cities, do a bit of shopping, try some new restaurants and - perhaps most importantly - support our newly adopted home, Spain, in the football as Euro 2012 fever hit!

As well as being in a lovely location, we also enjoyed the company of wonderful friends in Santa Ponca. When a familiar looking boat anchored a couple over from us, we mmm’d and aah’d a bit but finally figured out it was Tim from Olive Branch who we had met in Ibiza the year before. We also met Martin and Shirley on Kismet who were a hoot and we enjoyed some fab BBQs with!

Palma Planning

Palma was the city for wedding preparations ... Bridesmaid dresses and wedding rings were the focus of our attentions and both were soon happily arranged! To cap it all .. We found two amazing places for sushi - what a wonderful city!

Espana win in San Vincente

Before crossing to Menorca the Ootnic’s had an important appointment, Spain in the semi-final of the European Cup! Ootnic was left happily anchored in 3 metres of the clearest water yet whilst we headed off to enjoy the Spanish win :)

North coast Mallorca

The Northern coast of Mallorca is incredibly rugged, lots of dramatic rock formations dropping into the sea. Cala de la Colabra provided a beautiful stop along our way, crystal clear warm water, absolute heaven!

Sublime Soller

As we cruised the north Mallorca coast Soller provided a beautiful place to stop for the evening ... And of course another BBQ! A pretty and sheltered bay where you can anchor for free before wandering into the town to enjoy the sites and drinks by the beach, quite perfect!